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June 10, 1963 News Digest (from Sheldon Buckmaster, 2008th. Comm. Squadron)

November 23, 1963 Mystic Lamp (from Sheldon Buckmaster, 2008th. Comm. Squadron)

Vol. I V, No. 4,  Friday, January 5, 1968 (from Sam Curran, Accounting & Finance)

Vol. V, No. 13, Thursday, January 13, 1968 (from Ed Bauer, 294, Able Flight)

Vol. V, No. 152, Friday, August 2, 1968 (from Wayne Matthews, 294, Able Flight)

Vol. V, No. 230, Friday, November 22, 1968 (from Paul Buckman, 2008th Comm. Squadron, PAS)

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Webmaster Comments

The Mystic Lamp was the authorized news bulletin, published each duty day by the Office of Information, 6937th Comm. Group, Peshawar Air Station, Pakistan.  The Office of Information was located in the Base Commanders Office and headed by the Base Information Officer.  The staff relied on Armed Forces News Bureau and the Air Force News Service along with local news accounts for their daily news content.  

From 1965 through 1969, a valuable member of The Mystic Lamp staff was a young Pakistani civilian named Saleem Razzaq, Editor.  Saleem was born and raised in Peshawar and shortly before the based began to close down in 1969, he moved to Canada to attend college.  Later, Saleem arrived in the Detroit area to complete his degree at Wayne State.  In 1995, the Webmaster of this website met Sal through a chance meeting when I was in the process of being hired by the company where Sal had been employed for 25 years.  Upon noting that I was a veteran, he asked where I had been assigned.  Doubting that anyone would know of Peshawar, I replied with 'Alaska and some remote spot in Pakistan'.  Sal was quick to respond with, 'you were in the 6937th Communications Group in Peshawar, weren't you?'  We were both amazed and emotionally moved - knowing that our paths had likely crossed some 29 years prior in that place we all remember as Peshawar Air Station.  

Saleem Razzaq, the Editor of The Mystic Lamp and Gary Rutledge, the Webmaster of this site, are now friends bonded by the experience and memory of the 6937th Communications Group.


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